What is The Difference Between ® and ™?

Understanding the difference between officially registered and claimed trademarks.

What is The Difference Between ® and ™?

The trademark and branding industry can be complicated, with numerous symbols and expressions.
Two common symbols are ® and ™. Although they may appear alike, they have different meanings and purposes. Learn about them in this article.

The ® symbol indicates that a trademark has been officially registered with a government agency, like the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the US. This symbol can only be used for trademarks that have been approved by the proper authority. Displaying the ® symbol means that the trademark owner has exclusive rights to use the trademark for the specific goods and services it was registered for.

On the other hand, the ™ symbol is used to indicate that something, like a word, phrase, logo, or design, is being used as a trademark, even without official registration with a government agency. The ™ symbol serves as a warning to others that the trademark is being claimed and the owner may take legal action to protect their rights if needed.

It’s worth mentioning that while only registered trademarks can sport the ® symbol, anyone can use the trusty ™ symbol to show that they’re using a specific word, phrase, logo, or design as a trademark. So go ahead, stake your claim!

To summarize, the difference between the ® and ™ symbols comes down to the trademark’s official status. While the ® symbol is reserved for trademarks that have gone through the proper channels and been registered with a government agency. The ™ symbol, on the other hand, is a friendly reminder that a trademark is being used, whether it’s officially registered or not.

Knowing the difference between the two symbols is important to ensure the correct usage of trademarks and branding elements, as well as to be aware of the legal rights they signify and avoid any potential legal issues that may arise.

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