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1. Answer
Answer our questionnaire

Complete our questionnaire about the trademark you want to register and select your package.

2. Review & File
Review your chances of approval

We begin a comprehensive search to determine your approval chances within 48 hours. If everything looks good, we submit it to the USPTO for review.

If we determine your trademark application stands little chance of approval or needs additional information, we will reach out to you with recommendations to move forward.

3. Win
File & Win!

The USPTO reviews your application and decides whether to approve or reject it. They may request additional documents or responses and this process can take up to six months.

Over 95% of the applications that we file with the USPTO are approved. If your trademark is not straight-forward, our team can still help you obtain approval.

Once approved, your trademark will be registered and you will receive an official trademark certificate and you can pop the champagne!

How does pricing work?

When you register a trademark with Trademarky, our filing service has a flat fee of $450 up to two classes and $99 per additional class. In addition to the filing service fees, registrants must pay the USPTO filing fee (aka Government fee) which is typically $250 per class of products or services listed your application. In rare exceptions it could cost $350 per class. Don’t worry, our website will let you know the total costs prior to checkout.

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